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quarta-feira, 2 de dezembro de 2015

Coca Cola China

Uma das melhores experiencias profissionais é o simples reconhecimento do trabalho. Viajar pra China e filmar em Xanghai com a top nadadora olimpica Ye, medalista de ouro, por 10 dias para um TVC de Coca Cola totalmente gringo é a parte menos importante dessa jornada de responsabilidade. Pra mim, o grande lucro desse projeto é o reconhecimento dos servicos prestado e pelo trabalho duro que a LiquidoPhoto vem desenvolvendo. O projeto nada tinha a ver com o Brazil, mas mesmo assim o diretor Jonathan Gurvit fez questao de nossa expertise como UwDoP (underwater director of photography) e mandou nos chamar para essa empreitada do outro lado do mundo!  

One of the best professional experiences is the simple recognition of the work. Travel to China and shoot in Xanghai with top olympic swimmer Ye, gold medalist for 10 days to a whole gringo Coca Cola TVC is the least important part of this journey of responsibility. For me, the great profit of this project is the recognition of services rendered and the hard work that has been developing LiquidoPhoto. The project had nothing to do with Brazil, yet the director Jonathan Gurvit did matter of our expertise as UwDoP (underwater director of photography) and sent us to this task across the world!

Fixing mirrors to bounce light from ground to surface direction
Once into the water, we must engage everyone else to fell comfortable, so the shooting can last, and go on.  
Crane and housing are like cousins that need meet each other. A very though combination.
HowMov Underwater Studio entrance. One day I will have my own underwater studio. 
Director Jonathan Gurvit looking at poll. I wonder what is he thinking about! 
Yes, first project with the new Arri Alexa Mini. 
I wonder if my Chinese camera crew has understood me! Yes, they did. Great people. 
Hermano Jonathan Gurvit, fuckin talented Argentinian director 

For each scene I like to draw at least a starting point regarding lights, grip and support.

Shoot on Arri Mini, Cooke S4